A Big Announcement!

New button design! Well, two designs. An update to the original, plus an inclusive NEW design…

newbuttondesignannouncementFirst, we’ve changed the font on the original button a bit, so the text is a little more bold. We recognize the current climate of the United States (and other countries) requires we be stronger and more visible in our efforts to provide safe haven for transgender individuals within our communities.

As for the alternate version being offered, many individuals within the trans community, some of whom are not “out” yet, requested a button design which could be worn and not be an overt signal for those who may suspect they are a member of the LGBTQ community, potentially putting a target on them. 

We’ve also been called to recognize that our trans loved ones are not the only community members who need solidarity in public spaces and we want to offer an option for allies willing to provide assistance for anyone who may face harassment or discrimination in public spaces.

The new, monochrome version of the #IllGoWithYou button identifies the wearer as an inclusive point of safety, in spaces where discrimination or harassment may take place. These spaces may include – but are not limited to – retail establishments, public transportation, schools, public restrooms, changing rooms, recreational facilities, and workplaces. 

If you choose to wear either button (or both!), you also choose to be an active bystander. To witness. To speak up. To become the world you want to live in. 

Both buttons are available at our button store and new stickers, patches, and zipper-pulls will be available starting on December 1st (the original version is available now for all these). 

4 thoughts on “A Big Announcement!”

  1. Would it be in poor taste to print the monochrome version on a jacket in a huge picture? I know the idea is to be moderately stealthy but I want to be loud about it. It’s just who I am.

    But I wanted to ask before I go off and do something that might dilute the message.

    1. We do not mind this if it’s for your personal use. We do not approve any for-sale/commercial/etc uses of our intellectual property (ie, designs). Thank you for asking!

  2. I’m a volunteer at our local science museum. As a straight cis ally, I always wear my I’ll Go With You button, and my pronoun button. I am so glad the museum management not only approves, they actually encourage all staff members and volunteers to wear the buttons. They provide free buttons and literature from your site in our break rooms. Thank you for the great work you do! (She/Her, mother of a beautiful transgender daughter.)

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