New: Take the I’ll Go With You Pledge!

People have been asking for a place to sign an I’ll Go With You pledge, so we made one! You can find it here. A downloadable version for print use is available here (see Downloadable Graphics).

We have seen a huge surge in visibility recently due to new (horrible) legislation, media attention, and the upcoming Pride season, so THANK YOU, thank you all, for being active allies.

4 thoughts on “New: Take the I’ll Go With You Pledge!”

  1. My sister and I work at WalMart in Catskill, NY and over 40 associates, including our store manager, now wear the I’ll Go With You buttons! What started as a small purchase of 10 buttons that were handed out in one day turned into an order of 50 more with 34 being handed out the first day. We are so proud of our coworkers and management team for standing behind this cause. Especially since my son is trans.

  2. I proudly take this pledge. Trans people should feel safe to be who they are and live their authentic life. I am an ally, I will go with you. I will stand with you. I will support your equal, human rights.

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