Trans Day of Remembrance

Today is the Trans Day of Remembrance. It is also the Trans Day of Resilience. Rather than sharing our own thoughts, we’ve decided to do – as we’ve done all month long – to amplify the voices of trans artists, activists and writers.  Here are some reflections on the Trans Day of Remembrance and Resilience.

“Trans Day of Remembrance: A Letter of Blessings to My 16-Year-Old Self” – Janet Mock

“Their Laws Will Never Make Us Safer” – Dean Spade (PDF)

“A Transgender Man’s Personal Day of Remembrance and Vision for the Path Ahead” – Lex Beatty

“Trans Artists Made These Stunning Posters for Trans Day of Remembrance” – Meredith Talusan

“Quiet Reflections: Why I Choose Silence on Trans Day of Remembrance” – Janet Mock 


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