Website updates!

Hi folks! It’s been over a year since we started this project (WOW). I (Organizer H) just spent some time updating the website. A few key changes you might need to know about:

  • Media kit has been updated to include a new press release and downloadables for people handing out buttons at Pride and similar events.
  • The page formerly known as the Pride Rep App is now strictly an application for donated buttons. We had such a huge influx of Rep apps that we decided to make it easier for you and ourselves by simply making more materials available for download, and using an application only for people who need donated buttons.
  • Updated the history/about page to include Organizer D’s cool graphic introducing us organizers.
  • Updated various pages to point at the new link for the button site,
  • Updated the menu for organization and accessibility.

As always, thank you all for being a part of this journey with us.

2 thoughts on “Website updates!”

  1. I am an advisor for the LGBTQIA+ Advisory Board at Eastern Illinois University. We are interested in having these buttons on hand to give to students on campus and in the dorms to support their fellow students. I have applied before and was told that there was an overwhelming demand and our request couldn’t be fulfilled. That being said, we do not have much money to purchase supplies but we do have a button maker. Would it be possible for us to create our own buttons using the logo?

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