Who Is This For?

"name tag" on background of trans pride flag, reading "Hello, my name is #illgowithyou. Ally hashtag and support movement"#IllGoWithYou is a project by the queer, trans, and ally communities. Our project arose in response to anti-transgender legislation and therefore, our focus is on offering allyship and assistance to people who are transgender or gender-nonconforming.

We recognize that harassment in bathrooms and other gendered spaces is a problem not just for transgender individuals, but also for a variety people whose presentation of their gender may not fit the narrow archetypes of binary gender. #IllGoWithYou is for anyone who needs us.

#IllGoWithYou is also not just for bathrooms. Our hope is that an I’ll Go With You ally is also someone that can be asked to “go with” in a variety of situations where someone might experience gender-related harassment or simply needs an advocate, such as doctor’s offices. That particular role is probably one where a friend-advocate is most appropriate, but knowing that your friend has already said “I’ll Go With You!” might make it easier to ask!

The #IllGoWithYou button is intended to advertise allyship in public places and therefore “bathroom buddy” is the most likely request!