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"name tag" on background of trans pride flag, reading "Hello, my name is #illgowithyou. Ally hashtag and support movement"You’ve read our Guide for Allies.  You’ve bought your button (or sticker, or patch, or…). You probably follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr. Now you can sign a pledge to declare your support of trans and gender-nonconforming people.

The I’ll Go With You Pledge:

  1. I pledge to pay attention to the struggles and triumphs of trans people both in the national news, and in my own community.
  2. I pledge to speak up against injustice. I will contact my elected representatives to make sure they know I support equity, justice and fairness for trans people in my country, state, city and neighborhood.
  3. I pledge to advocate for the use of trans-inclusive language and practices in my community. I will not wait for a trans person to bring up issues like pronouns and bathroom safety. I am empowered to effect change.
  4. I pledge to wear my #IllGoWithYou gear responsibly. I will avoid verbal and physical violence while wearing my button. I will consider my own safety first in any risky situation. I am a witness, a buffer, and an advocate – in that order.
  5. I pledge to speak for myself and my experiences only. I promise to never tell any part of a trans person’s story without their explicit request.

Leave a comment below (scroll to the bottom!) to pledge your support publicly.

You can also download a printable pledge for events from the Media Kit page.

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207 thoughts on “Take the Pledge!”

  1. Organizer G, Organizer H, Organizer J and Organizer D all pledge our support to this movement, to trans and gender-nonconforming people, and to the rights of all people to live their lives safely and peaceably.

    1. No one should be afraid to live their genuine life.
      I am an ally, I will go with you and I will support your right to do so.

    2. I am an ally in the trans world. I believe anyone should be allowed to be who they are (as long as it’s legal). I will proudly support, encourage, and educate anyone at any time about trans people. I refuse to allow any trans person to be harassed or hurt because of intolerance or just plain ignorance or bias.

  2. I’ll go with you. To make you feel. Like a person. Who is real. In a bathroom. On a train. Even out in the rain. To the doc. In a store. And I’ll do even more. For you I’ll fight. I’ll explain. I’ll try to fix their brain. Those who won’t try to see. That you just need to pee.

  3. I myself am just a guy in the grand scheme of it all, but I am supporter of the freedoms of transgendered folks. If you feel unsafe #Illgowithyou if you feel confused or lost #Illgowithyou or if you just need a buddy for reasons #Illgowithyou

  4. I am an ally. I am sorry for the pain and hurt cisgender people have caused and I will fight for your equality every day.

  5. I pledge to support transgender, gender variant, and gender non-forming, people through my actions and deeds.
    I pledge to speak up and speak out when injustice is perpetrated, and to stand with people of all genders to prevent injustices.
    I pledge my support for and involvement in this movement.

  6. I will take the pledge. Thanks for giving us an opportunity to show our support for the LBGT community.

  7. I am a straight ally.
    I have been wearing my button and have given a few to friends and family
    (I bought 10)
    I am happy to be able to help in any way I can.

  8. I will go with any lady, regardless of their biology, to the restroom. If you are at a Florida convention just come find me. I’m almost always at my booth.

  9. I pledge my support and assistance to this movement, no one should ever be afraid to be who they want to be.

  10. I pledge my support to this movement in honor and protection of both the people in my family who struggle for social equality and all people around the world who are affected by gender-based discrimination.

  11. As a straight woman, married and with three kids, I am pledging my support to this movement. I will go with any trans or gender-nonconforming person into the women’s bathroom. I will stand up and fight for their rights to use the bathroom of the gender they identify with. #IllGoWithYou

  12. This is so important, and pathetic that it’s not in our human nature to care for, protect, inspire, encourage and support one another no matter the cause! I’ll be getting and rocking some buttons! This “human dilemma” is exhausting!

  13. I, Denarii Monroe, pledge to do statements 1-5 to the best of my ability. I’m a Black, poor, fat, disabled, bisexual, anti-capitalist cisgender woman and I believe in social justice and liberation. Wherever you are, #Illgowithyou! <3

    In solidarity

  14. I pledge to be the change I want to see in the world! I pledge to help anyone be who they were meant to be, in any way I can!

  15. Today, I take the pledge my support to this movement and others who may be in need. I will assist those who need to use the restroom regardless of gender, race, socioeconomic status, religion, mental or physical handicap, or political affiliation.
    I take this pledge seriously and will act in accordance with all laws to ensure the safety of those around me.
    If you see me with my #illgowithyou pin, you will be safe no matter who you are.

  16. I’ll go with you. And pass you some toilet paper if there is none in your stall.

  17. I am the mother of a trans child and I would hope someone would go with him if he felt unsafe.

  18. Everyone should have the right to be the individual they were born to be.
    I support a person’s right to be none other than themselves !

  19. I am an ally. No matter your reason, if you need someone to support you I will be there.

  20. I take this pledge to be the right kind of ally for those who need one. I will responsibly uphold this pledge.

  21. In Ogden Utah. Anytime. Anyplace. Anyway that I can be an ally, I am there. As a bisexual man who has been out of the closet for thirty three years I can empathize greatly with the struggles of the transgender and gender non-conforming family today. The fight we fought decades ago must be fought and won again, and again, and again. Until we are all simply people, with equal access and opportunity under the law.

  22. I am here for you, no matter your gender, age, or orientation.
    I vow to be your ally, advocate, and friend.
    I’ll go with you.

  23. I take the pledge. I will happily help anyone who needs to feel safe in the bathroom and outside of it. I want everybody to be safe and be able to be themselves.

  24. I pledge to go with anyone feeling unsafe in a gendered space, and vow to never allow mistreatment of transgender individuals in my presence. I promise to promote awareness of their struggle, and will continue fighting to end it.

  25. I am honored to play any small part in making certain that fellow human beings are treated as such!

    I pledge my full and unwavering support.

  26. Wonderful! My daughter just joined Gay-Straight Alliance at her High School last week! I wanted to do something too! Thanks for doing this! I am a THOUSAND % in and I look forward to seeing real change in our communities.

  27. We all deserve the right to live our lives authentically and without fear. I stand with you, I stand up for you, and I’ll go with you.

  28. Because I have seen the impact this issue can have on people close to me…

    Because I want to create a world where our children (or perhaps their children) will not have to deal with this issue…

    Because I believe that everybody deserves basic dignity, including (but not limited to) access to restroom facilities best suited to their needs…

    Because I believe this is an ethical and moral imperative…


  29. Because as a genderfluid individual, I know how it feels wondering if you’re safe. Because my friends went with me, because the world needs to be a better place, because YOU are important and nobody should make you feel any less…

  30. I am an ally, and I will go with you. Everyone is equal, everyone is entitled to live their life in safety.

  31. Straight cis ally. Was happy to buy multiple buttons and give them to my other ally friends. Love conquers hate.

  32. I will stand with my trans fellow wonderful human beings in the fight against hate and ignorance in this bathroom issue and in any other issue the community is faced with! I’m an ally for life!

  33. My ex was trans male. As a member of the LGBT community, I’ll stand by you, and stand up for you.


  34. Love my trans friends, family, and clients. We have a responsibility to be vocal advocates to muffle the noise of backward politics.

  35. I pledge to advocate for the rights of trans people and to actively support the GLBTIQ community.

  36. I am a fierce, determined, lover of all things right, advocate for my young adult Daughter that just so happens to be Transgender. This kid has taught me more about life than I could of ever imagined! Ordered my buttons last week!

  37. I love this movement. It’s 2016. We are supposed to be progressing, going forward. It’s sickening that people still hate others just because they’re “different.”

  38. I support the rights of all humans to be treated as humans without fear of being who they are comfortable being.

  39. No one should have to live in fear over something so trivial. I don’t want my future children growing up in a world like this. If politicians want to make this an issue, we have to stand together. They can’t stop all of us.


  40. I am a gay transgender man. Last year I was physically and sexually assaulted by two cismen in a men’s room at a local club who objected to me being there. I think this is a fantastic idea. I am afraid to use the men’s room without an escort, and I cannot use the women’s room because I’m a man. Thank you to all who have signed this pledge; I’ve already had people I did not know escort me to the bathroom and make sure I stayed say. It has restored my faith in humanity

  41. My trans adult daughter has taught me a great deal about her situation and that of her friends. I continually learn how to be a helpful ally and pledge to do whatever I can to help and educate others.

  42. This should matter to all of us! As long as one group, or even one individual, can be oppressed, any of us can be. People need to be free to be who they are!

  43. Please sign the pledge.No one should ever be treated like this.To be afraid to go use the bathroom.It should’ve never havecome to this.These religious rich people need mind their own business, and remember thatGod is suppose to be the one who judges others?, not them.If anyone needs my help, I’m there

  44. I pledge to always protect and respect any person who is being persecuted simply for living the way that is true to themselves.

  45. we are who we are, and we love who we love. Who are you to criticize someone else for being themselves?! I love and embrace differences, and I want you to be comfortable being YOU. :)

  46. People are people. Period. All people have the right to feel safe and comfortable in the world. I’ll totally go with you :)

  47. Of course #illgowithyou. It’s the least I can do for a fellow human
    being who simply needs to use the restroom. Be proud, be strong, be who you were born to be, standing or sitting!

  48. As the parent of a transgender child, it’s important for people to understand that love doesn’t care what package a person comes in; male, female? Who cares as long as their heart is kind? My child is one of the most kind-hearted people I know and I fear for her every day. I hope that I can be an ally for her and for anyone else that needs one until this country can get it’s priorities straight…

  49. Boycott North Carolina and anywhere else that tries to discriminate against transgendered or transitioning individuals!

  50. I pledge to assist transgenders needing to pee in peace! No human being should be afraid to pee!

  51. I pledge to go anywhere I’m needed to help someone feel comfortable in their own skin. I will always support the rights of humans to be human.

  52. I promise to be an ally if needed to go into the restroom with a PERSON and help defend them if needed against the bullies. 2 people very dear to me are transgender and I’d be devastated if something happened to them because they didn’t have an ally.

  53. If you need a hug, a shoulder to cry on or someone to talk to in the middle of the night, that’s me, so of course I’ll Go With You!. Till this crazy country of ours gets its priorities set straight & even after, I’m here for you!

  54. I will stand up for friends and others who are not being treated as equals. We are all HUMANS. As a folk dance teacher, I work in a gendered profession and environment. Although I’ve never yet had a transgender or gender-fluid individual as a student, my students know that it’s not important which part they dance as (lead or follow), and I make sure to point out that it’s traditional for boys to dance lead but that if one of the students wants to dance the following position they can. It’s traditional for girls to dance either part in the Scandinavian dance tradition. I just had an issue with a gender-conforming male student who suddenly decided he wanted to curtsy instead of bow and started acting disparagingly feminine, saying he was transgender without knowing what it really means. I and two other adults had a talk with him and now he knows that it’s not accepted to make fun of someone of another gender identity, even if there is not a person in the group.

  55. I am an ally. I do not accept discrimination of any kind. We are all HUMAN BEINGS who deserve to be treated equally. I am here for anyone in need. ❤️

  56. I pledge to walk along side those in need of support, a hug, someone to listen or sit with. I have been blessed in my life to have had family, friends, strangers, and community gather when I needed support and someone to walk with me along some of lifes travels.

    You are loved. You are celebrated. I will go with you.

  57. The bathroom is a place where our bodies find relief and it should not be an upsetting nor dangerous place for any of us of any gender variance. I am enby and I will go with you, too.

  58. I’ll go with you because you have every right to use the restroom without fear or discomfort.

  59. I am an ally. I believe everyone is entitled to privacy and dignity. I believe that no one should have to answer to anyone for their life choices or identity. You owe me no explanation. #illgowithyou

  60. I pledge. I am a ftm transgender, I’ve been out since I was twelve. I’ve had a rough life with my family not accepting me. Now I go out of my way to make sure I am there for anyone in the LGBTQPA community because no one was there for me. I’m trying to start a project for the transgender community but I need help anyone willing to help me out please contact me.
    On Facebook – Neddy Smith DeSalvo.
    Email – ndesalvo011@gmail.com

  61. I’ll take the pledge. Let’s be nice to everyone. We are all different and have different needs. YOU do not know ME or why I look as I do. Stop hating. Let’s respect each other as we are and live and let live.

  62. I pleadge to be here when you need help. It’s time to take a stand and we will do this together! I’ll go with you.

  63. I think I’ve signed this before, but I’ve given away my buttons to other allies, so I just re-stocked. #I’llgowithyou.

  64. This is so important! Let’s foster safe spaces for all of our brothers and sisters.

  65. I’m nonbinary trans with disphoria and I’ve been having a rough go of it lately and am still learning about myself. I’m not out to my family, only one person who is an on-and-off again friend who still doesn’t understand or use correct pronouns though DOES accept me.

    I support anyone and everyone in and out of the LGBTQIPA community. I promise #IllGoWithYou. I pledge to always be there no matter what because #WeAreOne. ✌️

  66. I pledge to be an ally. As one who is a part of the heavy metal community, I just want all of my brothers and sisters in ALL communities that I am ally. You will see my button and I will be there for you even if it’s just to have a beer with you or to give you someone to hang out with so you don’t feel alone. That I can promise you!

  67. I am a straight, Christian wife and mother of three. I do not understand everything you feel and I certainly have never experienced the discrimination or fear some people have, but I pledge to learn more and to love ALL fiercely and fully. I believe everyone should be able to be themselves and feel safe. I’llGoWithYou!!!

  68. I keep telling all my friends (and your allies) about your wonderful grassroots effort. Keep it up! #IllGoWithYou

  69. I will stand up with and for you. I will stand beside you, or in front of you if need be. We all matter. We all deserve to live the life we want without fear

    #IllGoWithYou #ProudToBeAnAlly

  70. All human beings should be able to live a life that makes them happy. I will go with you and help you in any way I can.

  71. Everyone has the right to pee in peace. The persecution of Trans people is a tragedy that has to stop. It’s 2016, I think we’ve got bigger issues than who is weeing where. I’ll Go With You!

  72. I am engaged in the process of discovering my own gender; however, because I currently have passing privilege, I pledge to be a witness, buffer, and advocate for those who fear violence because of who they are. I am empowered to be a voice for empathy and change!

  73. All people are human regardless of race, gender, religion or sexual orientation. We all deserve to be respected & to feel safe so #illgowithyou

  74. I pledge to help those who do not feel like they cannot be their true selves. I pledge to protect you and have your back.

  75. The work this organization is doing is so wonderful! I will always be an ally and love to see so many wonderful people voicing support!

  76. Everyone needs a safe space to perform human functions. I’m all for gender-free restrooms, but until there are everywhere, I’ll be a Bathroom Buddy. I got my buttons for free from a friend, and to psss the torch, I’m buying more to donate locally as well as a few on scholarship for the organizer. Thank you for taking this initiative!

  77. I bought some buttons earlier this year and even had someone notice and thank me for having it on my satchel. With the dark spectre of the next president looming over this community and so many others, I shared with people about this button yesterday. So far, two people have asked me for one. Thank you for being here. You have allies. I am one of them.

  78. I am a senior citizens transwoman, but I pledge my support to this movement, to trans and gender-nonconforming people, and to the rights of all people to live their lives safely and peaceably.

  79. I am glad there is a way I can help. As a Mom, a lover and a fighter, I take the pledge to be your ally. Just ask #illgowithyou

  80. I’ll go with you….. I will stand against ignorance, I will be a wall of love and security against hatred, I will be the voice that will be heard and protect you. I will stand with you.

  81. I am the faculty sponsor for our school’s Gay-Straight Alliance, and I would like to take the pledge, not just for myself, but on behalf of our entire club! We are going to try to make this a school-wide initiative to help anyone in need feel safe!

  82. As a straight woman who recognizes my privilege, I am pledging my support to this movement and gender inclusivity. I will go with any trans, non-binary or other gender-nonconforming person into or stand outside of a women’s bathroom located in any institution. #IllGoWithYou

  83. I am trans and i know the hard ship of this. I wish i had someone to do this for me when i was younger, but now i can help do this for others.


  84. As a cisgender woman, I pledge to use my privilege to support all trans, non-binary or other gender nonconforming person into or to stand outside of the women’s bathroom for you. #Illgowithyou

  85. #illgowithyou I cannot imagine if I was in a position where I couldn’t be myself – everyone has the right to live their authentic self and LOVE their authentic self with due respect from all. I will support, help, and protect you as I would want to be protected!

  86. I pledge to be there as an ally inside and outside of the bathroom. I will go with you and speak up for you. #IllGoWithYou

  87. I pledge my support to I’ll go with you. Having seen the ignorance and cruelty my trans son has been exposed to has been heartbreaking, and reaffirms the necessity for allies to stand up and be counted.

    Keep up the good work!!

  88. I am family . I am friend. I am the stranger right by your side. I pledge to always support trans , or anyone who needs the support to be themselves.

  89. I’ll go with you, because no one should ever feel as if who they are is somehow wrong. Everyone should be allowed to live their most authentic life. I will be your ally because there’s too much hate in this world, and I want to be love.

  90. I pledge to be an ally. To support all trans and gender non conforming people to live fully as themselves. #Illgowithyou

  91. No one should be afraid to live their genuine life. Live not exist.smile and shine.not cry and fade.
    I am an ally, I will go with you and I will support your right to do so

  92. I’ll go with you. I’m 65 and walk with a cane but so what. I’ll always be a safe place. I have a daughter and would like to think that someone out there would be kind enough to care for her, so I’m happy to pay it forward.

  93. Everyone deserves to live authentically no matter who you are or where you come from. #illgowithyou

  94. I’ll go with you! I will always speak up for those who may find it hard to speak for themselves. My home always has and always will be a safe place – I am an ally all the time.

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