Media Kit

Please feel free to download and redistribute these materials. You are also free to create your own graphics to share on the web. We ask that you include a link to our website and/or the #IllGoWithYou hashtag with anything you share.

Additionally, for allies creating their own materials, we encourage you to keep your messaging positive, friendly and nonviolent. Refer to our What To Do page for more information/inspiration.

Buttons! …and now also stickers.

Please visit the ButtonButton website to purchase buttons or stickers. If purchasing buttons is financially prohibitive for your organization, you can apply to receive donated buttons here.

This is the ONLY way to purchase official I’ll Go With You buttons online. If you see them elsewhere, that person is profiting off our project without our consent. We do permit people to make their own related items for non-commercial distribution.

Press Releases:

Click to view or download our updated 2016 press release.

Click to view or download our March 18, 2015 initial launch press release.

Also, check out our Blog for up to date news.

Downloadable Graphics:

The “What is this button?” poster/handout (PDF)

“How to be an Ally” instructions printable (PDF)

NEW: The printable I’ll Go With You Pledge (PDF)

If you are a media outlet and want an I’ll Go With You logo image to use in your article, please email us. Due to problems with theft of the design, we now avoid making high quality versions available online.

We also share a variety of images/graphics on our Facebook and Tumblr, of which we welcome non-commercial/non-profit sharing.

Contact Information:

Please feel free to email us at