History of #IllGoWithYou

"Two aliens converse on a trans flag background: "we just need to pee" "Ill go with you""The I’ll Go With You project was created in early 2015 by friends, starting with a great idea by a great person we’ll call Organizer G, and boosted by their genderqueer friend, Organizer H, who said “#IllGoWithYou on the journey of this idea”.

The idea was simple: What if allies responded to #WeJustNeedToPee the way good people responded to possible anti-Muslim violence with #IllRideWithYou?

Organizer H called on their friend J, who is a disability/neurodiversity/Autistic activist and makes buttons! Yay, buttons!

Somewhere around this time, Organizers G and H started to realize that this could actually be A Thing. Organizer H mentioned it to D, a queer activist, who mentioned Tumblr and started making banner images.

Soon, we had a Twitter, a Facebook, a Tumblr and a website (uhh, you’re on it!).

image: four of the IGWY "creatures" representing the 4 core organizers: D, J, H and G. Text as follows: Hi! I'm organizer G. I'm genderqueer and currently figuring out what transitioning looks like for a genderqueer G. My pronouns are he/him, she/her, or they/them. I'm the heart and soul of the group; #illgowithyou was initially my idea. Organizer H here. I'm a super nerd, nonbinary/genderqueer and pansexual; 'they' pronouns preferred. I'm our project manager, helping to set the group's direction and collaborating with the other organizers to manage social media posting and moderating. I'm Organizer J. I'm a writer & artist, genderqueer, pansexual; she/her preferred. If you need to talk merch (buttons and stickers), ask for me. Welcome! I'm Organizer D. I'm cis, (she/her), queer, and come from a background of intersectional activism. My job here is creating memes and graphics, the bulk of our writing, and public relations.

As we (Organizer H & Organizer J) update this (see the blog for the most up-to-date info), we are now over a year into this project and are stunned and gratified by how it has taken off. Our buttons get recognized and thumbs-upped far from our hometowns, are shouted out in viral social media posts, and are occasionally mentioned to us by friends-of-friends who don’t know that we are Organizers!

To each and every one of you who has come along on this journey with us: Thank you, thank you, thank you.