Update Mark 1

We have placed an order for 500 #illgowithyou buttons. We expect to have them in a couple weeks. We’re also on Twitter @illgowithyouorg and are planning Tumblr and Facebook presence soon.

We have not yet determined how we will be distributing buttons to those who want them but we plan to do it near-at-cost so that as many people who want them can have them.

9 thoughts on “Update Mark 1”

  1. I am a mom of a trans teen ftm. I love this campaign and will gladly wear a button and share the news with my college too. I attended a community college in Flint, MI. Let me know when I can get a button and I will see who I need to talk to at my school. Thanks Wendie!

    1. Thank you Wendie! You’re an awesome mom. We will definitely be announcing when we have buttons ready to roll–be sure to follow us on Fb, twitter or tumblr so you get the announcements!

  2. As a trans woman myself.. i absolutly love this. I will gladly and with honor wear a button and spread the word here!!!!

  3. I am a school counselor who works with the Civil Rights Team in my school. This is a great project and if there is any way to help roll this out in schools, I would be happy to help!

    1. Johana, we’d love it if you got some of the buttons into your school! You can order in bulk at buttonbutton.bigcartel.com –the person who runs that shop is a member of our team and is the one making our “official” buttons.

  4. I would love to know when you have the buttons out. I don’t go out very often, but when I do, I would love to be able to help someone out. I know it can be uncomfortable to go to the bathroom alone in public as a cisgendered person, so I can’t imgaine what it would be like for someone else.

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