The Pride Representative App is Open!

Are you interested in being an official I’ll Go With You representative at your local Pride event (or other similar event)? We have a special package of signage and information available, along with priority ordering, for the people we select to represent the organization at local Pride events.

We will select one rep per event/location (and may ask you to coordinate to share duties if we get a lot of apps from one event) and work with them to be the best rep possible.

More information and the application are available here.

5 thoughts on “The Pride Representative App is Open!”

  1. I’m so proud to finally find some small way I, a 58 year old woman, can make a difference. I live close to where the Pride parade takes place and will be happy to person a booth with this important message. Our Pride in St. Petersburg is in June but I am ready to get excited about next year.

  2. Is there someone who can please contact me from your organization? I have several questions I’d like to ask. I think this is a wonderful organization. Please email me if possible.
    Thank you.

  3. First of all, I am literally in love with this project. I think it’s amazing. Are you considering creating other merchandise? I would love to be able to purchase stickers, shirts, magnets, etc. from this website. I also think more merchandise would help the company to become much more known, and it would really help the cause. This is truly inspiring! :)

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