A Note on Fear…

We have received several comments from folks concerned that a person might wear a button in order to lure a trans person into a private, gendered space and hurt them.

While we recognize that we cannot plan for every contingency, and improbable things do happen, we believe that wearing a public marker of allyship (and marking oneself as a support of trans folks) will deter people from using it improperly. We have not received any reports of such actions occurring, and it should be noted that this could happen with or without a button.

Remember: you are never EVER required to take assistance or company, even if it’s offered. Respect your instincts – they’ve gotten you this far.

And if you’re at all concerned that you might be harassed for wearing the pin – or any pin that marks you as queer or a queer ally – please consider your own safety first, and remove the pin if you are not comfortable with the risks of wearing it.

NOTE: As of 2022, with over 500,000 #IllGoWithYou beacons distributed throughout the world (on six continents) since March 2015… we have yet to hear of a negative incident taking place.

3 thoughts on “A Note on Fear…”

  1. I am an old man, and have seen a lot in my time. Although it is possible that I might be attacked for being a friend of a transgendered person, I am not afraid. Why? I will not be alone! The person I came with will know that they are free to flee immediately, and tell them police, “Two heterosexuals are having a fight in the Men’s room!”
    Karma is a powerful ally.

    1. Hi Michael! We appreciate your dedication, but just want to say: We do not advocate for violence and suggest a variety of de-escalation techniques instead of a fight. Please stay safe!

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